Choir Handbook


  1. Grading Policy

    The breakdown of grades will be as following (all grades will be posted on Progress Book):

1/3 of total grade is class participation, concert critique and a self-evaluation

1/3 of total grade is written tests, check-offs, musical improvement

1/3 of total grade is attendance at scheduled rehearsals & concerts

Bonus point will be given to students who help with concert set up/tear down.


Points will be given on a per rehearsal & performance basis on the following:

  1. Promptness at each rehearsal & performance.
  2. No gum chewing, food, pop, or candy.
  3. Active participation to class discussions
  4. No talking during rehearsals or performances.
  5. Having pencil, paper, & music folder at all rehearsals.
  6. Proper concert attire


  1. Attendance Policy

Excused from a REHEARSAL

If a student is absent to school, the excused absence for school covers that day’s rehearsal.  No additional note needs to be given to Mrs. Cooper.  This also means, however, that an unexcused absence to school also counts as an unexcused rehearsal, which results in 0 points for that day’s rehearsal.

The excuse must meet the school’s guidelines for excused absences.  Reasons such as work, babysitting, no ride, or events not approved in advance by the school/director are unexcused absences.

To be excused from a school rehearsal, a note from a parent must be submitted to the office upon return.

Acceptable excuses for missing a school rehearsal include personal illness, family vacation, appointments with doctor’s note, or a death in the family.  Other reasons, such as no ride, have to babysit, detention, forgot, etc. are not excused, and will negatively affect a student’s grade.

To be excused from a performance:

Attendance at performances is critical, as they affect the quality of the group.  The only excused reasons for missing a performance are personal illness, death or marriage in the immediate family, military duty, and school sponsored events cleared in advance with the director.  Reasons such as work, dates, vacations, college visits, I forgot, or any other reason will be considered unexcused and will negatively affect the student’s attendance grade.

The director must be contacted by a parent about the absence in question at least two weeks (14 days) in advance.  The earlier I am contacted, the better the chances of the absence being excused

In order to be excused, a parent must contact Mrs. Cooper via phone or in person as to the nature of the absence.  If it is an approved excused absence, then the parent must then submit a note to the director to document the absence. We try our best to schedule around sporting events, in the event there is a game and concert on the same night, administration and Mrs. Cooper will discuss the circumstance and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

If a student is absent to school, the excused absence for school covers that day’s rehearsal.  No additional note needs to be given to Mrs. Cooper.  A note must be turned into the office upon return.  This also means, however, that an unexcused absence to school also counts as an unexcused performance.

Make-up work will be assigned.  If you are uncertain about whether an absence will be excused or not, ask the director.

Students are expected to stay for the entire length of the concert. Not only is it concert etiquette, it shows all students performing support, respect, and will enhance your musical learning.

The total number of points at the end of a term will be tallied and the following the Fairbanks High School Grading Scale

Grades will not be rounded up.  No exceptions.

Extra credit is only offered during concert set up/tear down.


  1. Make-up work requirements

An excused absence from a performance and/or an evening rehearsal will require the student to perform the music in front of the choir during class.  This is to insure that the students know the material that has been covered in class, or during the evening rehearsal, and to fulfill 1/3  of the total grade requirement for performances and scheduled practices.  The student will also be required to submit a 2 page paper on each song being sung for that concert.

For unexcused absences, the student will not be allowed to

make-up the missed work and will be given 0 points for that performance and/or rehearsal.

  1. Dress Policy

The dress policy for all concerts (unless otherwise stated) will be:

Girls – all black: dresses with black hose, dress shoes, or dress pants;  no flip-flops
(Dresses must be AT LEAST finger tip in length)

Boys – all black: dress slacks, dress shirt with a tie; dress shoes (no tennis shoes)

The school dress code will be strictly enforced.

The goal for the choir is to present a uniform look and not draw attention to individuals (i.e. colored hair, big jewelry, etc.)  Failure to comply with this expectation will forfeit the student’s right to perform and he/she will be unexcused and receive 0 points for the performance.

If there is a problem with meeting these standards, please contact me at the school and we can arrange a suitable substitute.

  1. Concert Schedule

The concert schedule for school year has been set.  Publication and distribution of these dates will be given to the students during school.  If you see any conflicts, it is the student and parent’s responsibility to notify Mrs. Cooper as soon as they know.

Any and all parents & friends are invited to our concerts.  All concerts are recorded and published to the choir blog.

  1. Discipline Policy

The purpose of this discipline plan is to improve instruction and educational opportunity is removing disruptive conduct and negative social attitude.  This discipline plan applies consistently to all students.  No favoritism will be shown.

  1. Required classroom observable behavior
  2. Everyone is to be in his or her assigned seat and ready to begin rehearsing at the designated time.
  3. No talking while directions are being given.  Raise hand to receive permission to talk.
  4. Come to class prepared with materials (paper, pencil, and music.)
  5. No food, gum, pop, or candy is permitted during any rehearsal or performance.
  6. Respect for the teacher and other students will be shown at all times.
  7. Music will be cared for properly.
  1. Consequences for unacceptable classroom behavior
  2. 1st offense:                         Verbal warning
  3. 2nd offense:                        Detention
  4. 3 or more offenses:           Principal’s office

***When necessary to improve classroom discipline, some offense steps may be skipped for the disruptive student.***



  1. Choir expectations
  2. All music will be memorized.  If necessary, individual check-offs will be used.
  3. The music office is off limits to all students except when talking to the director.
  4. Each person will be assigned a music slot.  You are responsible for the music (and folder) that is issued to you.  If the music is lost or damaged, you will be charged for it.  After class, put music (and folder) away in your assigned slot.  You may take the music with you as long as it is returned the next day.
  5. No decision concerning the choir or its activities will be made without consulting the director.