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Holiday Concert Details (FYC/FHSCC)

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual
Holiday Concert 2016
Monday, December 19, 2016, 7:00 P.M.

Order of performance:
Youth Choir
6th Grade Band
Junior High Concert Band
High School Choir
High School Concert Band

Youth Choir
Youth Choir will warm in the high school band/choir room at 6:30.  After we perform,  please take your seat with your family.  Choir members who are also in 6th grade band will get their instruments and join the band on stage to warm and perform.  After the HS concert band has concluded their program, you are free to go.

Attire: jeans and choir t-shirt. Middle School band members may change if time permits and you have discussed it with Mr. Keller.

HS Choir:
HS Choir will warm in the high school band/choir room at 6:30 with the youth choir.   Immediately after the FYC performance, return to the choir room to run through music and get lined up.  We perform after the Junior High Concert Band.  After our performance please sit with your FAMILY, after we have a brief meeting in the cafeteria. 

Attire: All concert black. 
Ladies– black blouse, black skirt, or black DRESS pants. (Leggings are not dress pants, do not wear them). If you choose to wear a skirt, you must accompany it with a black panty hose or black tights. No part of your attire should distract from your performance. Look classy.
Gentlemen- black dress pants, black dress shirt, black tie. Look classy.

General Information

*If you are on tear-down crew, please stay and help fold chairs and move equipment.  Bonus points are available.  A set-up crew is also needed at 5:30.  Sign up on Mr. Keller’s office window to receive credit.

*It is asked that all performers stay for the entire concert.  It is only polite and good concert manners.  Only students excused in advance may leave before the end of the concert. Please treat other performers as you would like to be treated.  

*SIT WITH YOUR FAMILY when not performing.  Complaints have been received about large groups of students sitting in the back of the gym making TOO MUCH NOISE while other groups are performing.  You are expected to use your BEST CONCERT MANNERS, students.

*Students are asked to be on their best behavior while not performing.  There is NO reason to talk while another group is performing.  Please only leave the gym between groups unless it is an emergency.

If, per chance, severe weather is imminent, watch your regular TV station, and/or check the choir web page (, or Twitter ( or check your INTANT ALERT.  Students SHOULD know of any cancellations before school is over, but if it gets bad after school, these are your methods of information.

Break a leg!  Be precise, be passionate, have fun, and MAKE MUSIC.

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FHSCC: Updates

Fairbanks High School Concert Choir Members and Parents:

Thursday 10/8 5pm

  • I’m inviting any choir student that is able to help tie dye shirts to stay after school/practices to help tie their shirts for the concert.
  • I will provide snacks for students. (Provide your own drinks)
  • Take your shirt home with you.  Shirts will need to be washed individually at home in cold cold water . Mrs. Cooper will take home any shirts that are left over and wash. 

    Tuesday 10/13 (concert day)

    • Extra Credit points to help set up AND tear down. Set up will start at 3pm after school. Please write a note just in case your son/daughter needs to ride with me or Mr.Keller for set up to the pavilion. Tear down will happen when the concert is over.
    • 6pm warm ups at the pavilion (do the best you can at getting your son/daughter there as soon as you can- I know there are practices going on)
    • Students wear jeans and tie dye tshirt
    • We are performing last- so approx around 7:15pm
    • Concert should last approx.60 mins.
    • Bring a lawn chair as there are not many seats available- bring your dinner if you wish and enjoy an evening of great music!

      Field trip permission slips and $5 due by Nov.6. 
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