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Treats for Treasure

Help your music classes! Bring in any extra candy that you collect from trick-or-treating!!

The candy is collected and weighed and $1 per pound will go towards the music department

A caldron will be kept in the FES office for students to bring in any unopened candy from their trick-or-treating.  
Collection dates are Nov.2-5.  
All collected treats (and toothbrushes) will be sent overseas to the soldiers serving. 
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Music Department Fundraiser

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual
Fall Fundraiser
Sale begins:  Tuesday, September 30
Sheets and money are due:  Monday, October 13
Delivery: November 3-6
The Fairbanks Music Department is the largest department in the school, serving over 220 students in eight grades.  It takes money to support our musical efforts, and student-raised money is a substantial part of that.  Our goal this year is to raise $6000 from  this sale.  This is the ONLY fundraiser for the music department as a whole this entire school year. This money is used for items like music, supplies, repairs, transportation, instruments, rewards, uniforms/apparel, and many other day-to-day expenses.  It is asked that all members of the music department help in this important fundraising event.
Students are asked to sell at least 10 items from the sales brochure, and are rewarded with prizes on many different levels, including a day off pizza and movie party for sections of each group who sell the most per person!  
If your family chooses not to sell, we respect your decision, but would kindly ask for at least a $25 tax-deductible donation in lieu of selling.  Donations, however, do not count towards prizes.  Donations DO count toward the section battles as 1 item for every $5 of donations. 
(e.g. $25 donation = 5 items)
Prize listing is below.
I would like to state again, that these funds benefit ALL students in the music department.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Keller at (937) 243-2031  or at or Mrs. Cooper
Benjamin J. Keller, Band Director
Theresa Cooper, Choir Director
Make checks payable to: “Fairbanks Band” or “Fairbanks Choir”

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DMR Fundraising 
Dayton, Ohio

Dear Parents and Students:
This week our music department is starting a very important fund raiser.  The proceeds from this project will help pay for Transportation, Instruments, Rewards, Supplies and Music.  We are offering a wide variety of quality items for the entire family.  Our two brochures includes Delicious ChocolatesGourmet Cheese & SausageKitchen Essentials, Wrapping Paper, Fudge, Magazines, Nuts and Snacks of all Sorts

Order Forms Due:  October 13 
Delivery Week: November 3 – 6 
Money Collection:  Pre-Pay – Collect Money at time of order
Checks Payable to “Fairbanks Band” or “Fairbanks Choir”

PRIZES: (Prizes are Cumulative(Enter Prize Code(s) on Order Form)
10 Items:  (GB) Gummy Bears  (SW) Sour Gummy Worms  (AH) Air Heads Bank
20 Items:  Add Choice of:  (SK) Skin It Sticker   (MS) I- Cutes Monster Mini Speaker 
30 Items:  Add Choice of:  (SH) Skin It – Hard Cover (RH) Retro Headphones
40 Items:  Add Choice of: (JB) Jawbone Blue Tooth Skr   (W) 3 lb. Gummy Worms 
50 Items:  Add Choice of: (25) $25 Gift Card
75 Items:  Add Choice of: (50) $50 Gift Card

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Cookie Dough Fundraising: MONKEYS

– Bring back your REACH OUT cards on Friday, 9/20 –

  • You get a lanyard!
  • Your first monkey! 
  • “Star” monkey are worth $5 Subway Cards!
– Early Bird, Tuesday 9/24 – 
  • Every two items sold: One additional monkey. 
  • $5 for each “Star” penguin.
4 items – Monkey Splat
8 items – Monkey Hat or Double Bubble Pillow
12 items – FREE tub of cookie dough!
20 items – Nerds/Laffy Taffy headphones
40 items – 40″ Tower Speaker!
Bakers’s Dozen:
Sell at least 12 items and get one free cookie dough of your choice for yourself!
Breakfast Party:
If the FHSCC sells their goal of 80 tubs of cookie dough, Mrs. Cooper will provide breakfast a morning of their choice
Order forms and money are due on Tuesday, October 1! Make checks payable to “Fairbanks Band” or “Fairbanks Choir”

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FES Reach Out

Help the FES Music Program!!

Help your student by providing names of family & friends outside of your area.  They will be sent a ONE-TIME mailer so they can order or renew magazines.  They will NOT be put on a mailing list.  Turn in Reach Out booklets with minimum 7 names by Friday, March 1st to win a Ninja Penguin keychain!

FES gets $.40 of every dollar that is put towards a magazine.  
The money raised will go towards classroom xylophones, metallophones, a piano dolly, sheet music for concerts and other classroom supplies.

  1. Fill out the booklet with at least 7 addresses.
  2. Return to school by March 1st
  3. Pick out a Chillin’ Penguin and lanyard
  4. Winning class gets to pick musical activities on their music day!
FHS Choir · fundraiser

Booster Bake Sale Dec. 17 CONCERT

From Mary Ellen:

Greetings. As the Holiday season is coming closer…we need to prepare for our Holiday Concert on December 17. 

We would like to have a bake sale at the concert to help raise some money. If you are willing to help donate some baked goods for the sale, or know of someone that would like to help and bake some items. Please contact Chrisa Findley at to let her know. 

I suggest any item you bake be individually wrapped and if you could let us know the ingredients, just in case we have some allergy issues. Just copy the recipe and we will place it with the item, just in case someone has questions. 

Thank you again for all your support! See you the 17th!

Mary Ellen Garwood

Just to add a little extra to Miss Mary Ellen’s email, there will be a prize (A really nice one) for the best baking talent. Be sure to put your name in with your goodies. We are selling them as “eat as you go” snacks, tempting taste buds as folks leave the concert. If you could wrap them in cling film so we can see how wonderful they are. The kids are very grateful for your efforts and send hugs to you all. Good luck to all of our wonderful bakers! Oh and Dad’s, we know you can bake too!!!!
Thank you all so very much,

Chrisa (Also known as Emi, Zip and Will’s Mom or Brian’s Wife!)