FHSCC2015 · holiday concert

Holiday Concert: Monday Dec.14

The Fairbanks Music Department 
The 2015 Holiday Concert
Performers include:
6th grade band
JH band
Fairbanks Youth Choir
HS Choir
HS Band

*Attendance is required for all performers

Concert attired for the following groups are as follows:

Fairbanks Youth Choir:  black pants, choir t-shirt (long sleeve underneath if you wish) and comfortable shoes. Ladies: NO HEELS. School dress code applies.

HS Choir: performers are in all concert black.
Ladies: black pants, shirt, skirt, or dress. If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, leggings or black panty hose are required. (Points are deducted for not following dress code.) School dress code applies.
Gentlemen: black pants, black shirt, black shoes, and any color tie.

FHSCC2015 · general info

FHSCC: Updates

Fairbanks High School Concert Choir Members and Parents:

Thursday 10/8 5pm

  • I’m inviting any choir student that is able to help tie dye shirts to stay after school/practices to help tie their shirts for the concert.
  • I will provide snacks for students. (Provide your own drinks)
  • Take your shirt home with you.  Shirts will need to be washed individually at home in cold cold water . Mrs. Cooper will take home any shirts that are left over and wash. 

    Tuesday 10/13 (concert day)

    • Extra Credit points to help set up AND tear down. Set up will start at 3pm after school. Please write a note just in case your son/daughter needs to ride with me or Mr.Keller for set up to the pavilion. Tear down will happen when the concert is over.
    • 6pm warm ups at the pavilion (do the best you can at getting your son/daughter there as soon as you can- I know there are practices going on)
    • Students wear jeans and tie dye tshirt
    • We are performing last- so approx around 7:15pm
    • Concert should last approx.60 mins.
    • Bring a lawn chair as there are not many seats available- bring your dinner if you wish and enjoy an evening of great music!

      Field trip permission slips and $5 due by Nov.6. 
      fall concert · FHSCC2015 · FYC2015

      Fall Music Department Concert: Oct.13

      Mr. Keller and Mrs. Cooper are proud to announce the music department’s first-ever Fall concert!

      It will be held at Memorial Health Pavilion in Marysville on Tuesday, October 13 and will begin at 6:30pm. Groups performing at this event include the JH concert band, Fairbanks Marching Band, HS concert choir, and Fairbanks youth choir. The concert will last approximately one hour. The concert will be free and open to the public, but all donations will benefit our fine Fairbanks musicians.

      Attendance is required for all performers.

      Concert attire for band members is:
      FMB – Full Uniform
      JHCB – Blue jeans on bottom and red fairbanks wear on top (tshirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie)

      Youth Choir – Youth choir t-shirt and jeans
      HS Choir – FHSCC t-shirt and jeans

      Details will be forthcoming as we draw nearer. Bring lawn chairs for seating at this event.

      Please spread the word to your family, friends, and neighbors!