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FES Spring Concert 2014

FES Spring Concert
1st grade        2nd grade
5th grade      Youth Choir
Monday, May 5th  @ 7:00 pm
  • Students will report a HS classroom beginning at 6:30pm.
  •  No sooner please, as no one will be in the room with them.
  • Signs will be posted so you know where to go
  • Please dress nicely. Preferably no jeans, tennis shoes, short/sweats, etc.

  • 5th grade: ALL BLACK!!!! (youth choir wear tshirt over top

  • YOUTH CHOIR: report to the band room at 6:40pm. Then you are to sit with your family after your perform. (5th graders go find your class; who are waiting in a HS classroom).

  • The concert will be video recorded. Check the blog to view it.
  •  Email Mrs. Cooper at: tcooper@fairbanks.k12.oh.us with any questions!
*Students that participate in the concert that evening
will earn bonus points!!

1st grade · 2nd grade · concerts · performances · spring · youth choir

FES Spring Concert Info

FES Spring Concert
May 5, 2014
List Performers:
Youth Choir
1st Grade
2nd Grade
5th Grade
Youth Choir (report to band room 6:30)
wear t-shirt, black pants, any shoe. Please sit with your family before and after performances.

1st Grade (report to assigned classroom)
Please dress nicely. No jeans/sweats/tennis shoes if at all possible. School dress code applies.
2nd Grade (report to assigned classroom)
Please dress nicely. No jeans/sweats/tennis shoes if at all possible. School dress code applies.

5th Grade (report to assigned classroom)
Please wear ALL black. Sweats are allowed. Place black duct tape over visible stripes or small logos. You may turn clothing inside out for all black. Nothing that will glow in a black should be visible

White gloves will be provided for you.
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FYC Spring Concert Info

Fairbanks Youth Choir
Spring Concert Info!!!!

Monday: May 5th 2014- 7pm FHS Gym
·      FES Spring Concert
·      1:30pm dress rehearsal in FHS gym
·      6th & 8th graders: Sit with your family
·      Concert T-shirt, black pants, any shoes
·      5th graders: wear your black shirt underneath your choir shirt for your class performance.

Monday: May 12th 2014- 7pm FHS
·      FMS/FHS Spring Concert
·      Report to band room at 6:30pm
·      Band students: stay tuned for further instructions as time get closer on performance order and such.
·      Concert t-shirt; black pants; any shoes
·      6th grade & JHCB: if you wish to change for your band performance that is fine. Bring nice clothes to change into. You are allowed to wear your FYC t-shirt for Mr. Keller.
·      Sit with family after performance- no running the halls.

Tuesday: May 13th– NO CHOIR

Thursday: May 15th End of Year PARTY (3:15-4:30)!!!!!
·      Any parent interested in helping plan/organize/donate food items for this let me know! The kids sure deserve this for all their time, talent, and commitment this year!!!! J
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5th Grade: Spring Concert Listening


Come and see the cherry blossoms. How their beauty seems to fill the air?

Floating here, and floating there, cherry petals falling everywhere.

Spring has come and days are fair. Won’t you come along with me?

Come and see the cherry bloom. (piano interlude)

Sa-ku-ra, sa-ku-ra! Ya-yo- i no so ra wa, mi-wa-ta-su ka-gi-ri.
Ka-su-mi-ka ku-m-ka; ni-o-i zo i-zu-ru.  I-za-ya, I-za-ya,
Mi-ni-yu-kan______(close to ‘n’)

Classes divide and sing in 2 parts:
Sa-        ku-  ra_________,  sa-    ku-ra!____         Ya-   yo-    i       no  so             ra___  wa,
Come   and  see the cherry  blos- soms_____.        How their beau-ty   seems to  fill the  air!

mi-    wa- ta-     su   ka-   gi-   ri      Ka-   su- mi-  ka   ku-        mo-    ka__;
Float-ing  here, and float-ing there, cher- ry  pet- als   fall-ing ev-‘ry-where

ni-       o-    i       zo      i-        zu-    ru.        I-        za-      ya,____________   I-  za-   ya,____
Spring has come and_ days_ are_  fair.       Won’t you__ come a-long with   me?__________

Mi-     ni-      yu-      ka______nnnnnn.   Come  and__ see the cher-ry bloom_______.
Come and__ see the cher-ry   bloom.      Come and__ see the cher-ry bloom_______.

*Approximate Translation:
Cherry blossoms across the spring sky,
As far as you can see.
Is it a mist, or clouds wafting in the air?
Come now, let’s look and see.

In the Hall of the Mountain King
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2nd Grade: Spring Concert Listening

*Keeping checking back for more updates!



2T: click “play” to listen to your part on Mo Li Hua!

2G & 2S: Click “play” to listen to your part on Mo Li Hua!

See the love-ly Jas-mine flower.
Oh what a love-ly jasmine flower.
Fragrant flowers fill the air.
Beautiful blossoms everywhere.
Choose__ a__ blossom white and pure,
Give to the one that you adore___
Jasmine flower, the one that I adore___
<>     Jasmine flower.
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Youth Choir: Spring Concert Listening

Very excited to get started on this music!!!  Feel free to practice on the days we don’t have rehearsal!

Si—ya—hamb         e—ku—kha–nye- ni       kwen—kos
See-yah-hamb’        eh- koo- hah-  nyeh-nee – kwehn-kos

Click the “play” button to rehearse:

Siyahamba (full score)

Uganda: Mwamba Children’s Choir (not our arrangement, but fun to watch!)

Let It Go (Frozen)
*A lot of recordings out there are very hard on children’s voices due to the style of singing used.

Click the “play” button to rehearse your part:

Alto from the beginning

Alto part at measure 53

Let It Go- Sop/Alto (from beginning)

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Mid-Year Concert

Mid-Year Concert
Tuesday, March 11
7pm~ HS Gym


Youth Choir
6th grade band
Junior High Concert Band
HS Choir
HS Band

Youth Choir
Attire: black pants, choir T-shirt (long sleeve shirt underneath if you choose), any kind of shoes
Report time: 6:30pm HS band room 
(boomwhackers will be in the band room for you)

  • Parents may pick students up in the band room after they perform if they have no more ensembles to perform in.
  • Everyone is invited to stay for the whole concert (should last about an hour and 15 mins)
  • 6th grade band: leave the risers after our performance and get your instrument/music from your family member and follow Mr. Keller’s instructions.

FHS Choir
Attire: concert black. If you choose to wear a skirt please be sure that it is of school code length; to have leggings or hose of some sort on. Dress professional and look classy.  Your attired should not be a distraction to your performance.

When the 6th grade band takes the stage- report to the band room for warm-ups.

  • Sit with your family during the beginning of the concert and after you perform.
  • It is asked that all performers stay for the entire concert.  It is only polite and good concert manners to do so.  The concert will last just under over an hour and 15 minutes.  Only students excused in advance may leave before the end of the concert. Please treat other performers as you would like to be treated.  
  • Be courteous during the other performances. There should be no talking during while others are performing.