FYC: Veteran’s Day Performance

Here are the details for the Youth Choir’s performance
on Nov.10 at 9am
Middle School Veteran’s Day Assembly

  1. Students are to wear their black choir tshirt, blue jeans, and comfortable shoes (no black leggings). If they wish to wear a white, black, red, or gray long-sleeve underneath that is perfectly okay.
  2. Students will be dismissed from their classroom teacher by 8:20am where they will report to the HS gym. They do not need to bring anything with them other than a coat if they wish.
  3. Students ARE responsible for any missed work while they are out of class.
  4. Students will warm up in the gym from 8:30-8:50am.
  5. Students that have a Veteran attending- will escort them into the assembly- more details from Mrs. Bartow regarding that. Then they will join us on the risers.
  6. Parents are allowed to come to the concert, even if you do not have Veteran attending. *Please take pictures and share with me!
  7. The assembly begins at 9am and is approximately 1-1.5 hrs long.
  8. The Veterans will have a meet and greet session following the assembly. At this point- elementary students need to head back to FES. Middle School students will have directions from their teachers.
  9. This is a very honorable performance and I have discussed it’s importance with your child. It’s a privilege that we are able to perform for these men and women that have fought and/or served our country. I know they will make everyone proud!
  10. Yes we will still have rehearsal after school to prep for our holiday performances!!

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