Audition Announcement!

Audition Announcement:

Opera Project Columbus Mainstage, Youth, and Children Auditions
Saturday, September 17th: 11AM-3PM
Sunday, September 18th: 2PM-5PM
Location: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 5475 Brand Rd. Dublin, OH 43017

Auditions are to be considered for mainstage production roles, comprimario roles, chorus, and supers for current and future seasons

Audition Requirements:
Mainstage: Bring five arias, at least 1 in Italian and 1 in English, 2 copies of resume and 2 headshots. Audition fee $20
Youth and Children: Be prepared to sing one piece from memory. Bring a clean copy of music double sided and three hole punched. Having a second piece prepared is optional. If able, please bring two resumes and two headshots. Audition fee $15

To request an audition and for more information please email opcauditions@gmail.com

**Resume and headshots are not required for kids but if they have a school photo they can bring that would be helpful. A resume can be as simple as a typed paper that states their school, singing/drama experience, dance experience, etc. 
**This is not to sing just opera because the company is considering doing lighter shows and musical theater. It will be more of an ad hoc where if an opportunity arises for a student, they will be notified of the dates and commitment, having the option to be involved. Opportunities will continue to evolve through the years so I recommend auditioning now to be considered for roles in future seasons as well. This is a little different than a community theater production  so please feel free to ask any questions that may come up! 
Any student considering a career that involves music in any way, auditions are part of the life. The more a student auditions, the better they will be at auditions. Auditions are an art and skill in of themselves. Therefore, we HIGHLY recommend auditioning for the business of auditioning. The more professionals in the world of music hear a student, the higher their chances are of being discovered and considered for opportunities. 
Let us know if you requested an audition and we can help you prepare! 

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