2016 spring concert info · FHSCC · FYC

Spring Concert Info

FHS Spring Concert
FYC, 5th band,  6th band, 
JHCB, FHS Concert Choir, FHS Concert Band

Monday, May 9- 7:00pm

  • All choir members: please report to the HS choir room by 6:30pm for warm-ups. 
  • FYC Members: wear your t-shirt and BLACK pants
  • 5th grade BAND members:
    • Warm with the choir. You may place your instrument/music in the gym on your chair. After we are finished singing you will walk over to wear the band is sitting and take your seat for your band debut.
  • FHSCC: concert black
    • Gentlemen: black shirt, black pants, black shoes/socks, tie
    • Ladies: black dress or black skirt (knee length), black blouse, or black pants.  You must wear tan/black hose if you choose to wear a dress or skirt.
General Info:
  • All choir members are to sit with their families after their performance. Please do not be walking around during a group’s performance.
  • Tear down crew- please help put chairs, risers, piano, stands, equipment back to the band/choir room. Bonus points available (Do what needs to be done to earn your points-points will be awarded based on your involvement)
  • It is asked that all performers stay for the entire concert.  It is only polite and good concert manners.  This is more than just a performing opportunity – it is also a LISTENING and LEARNING opportunity! I understand if your child needs to leave for a pre-existing conflict such as baseball, softball, 4H, Boy/Girl scouts, Washington DC, dance, etc.  If you have no other meetings or practices, I would like that band members stay for the entire concert.
  • Please do not congregate and talk during performances either. Complaints have been made about students talking during concerts.
  • The concert is open and free to the public. Invite family and friends!

FES Spring Concert
Grades: 1st, 3rd, 5th, and FYC

Tuesday, April 26th- 7:00pm

  • Please follow signs to your child’s “homeroom” in the front high school hallway at 6:30pm.
  • Please dress nicely for this concert- no jeans, tennis shoes, gym shorts, gym sweats, etc.
  • The concert will last approx 1 hour
  • The concert will be video recorded. Check back for the link after the concert.
  • Once a class is finished singing they will go back to their “homeroom” for the remainder of the concert. After the concert is over, you may get them from the room.
  • When 5th grade is finished singing- FYC members stay on the risers and walk to their FYC position.
  • YOUTH CHOIR: wear your t-shirt and BLACK pants
    • 4th graders, 6th graders, 8th graders: please sit with your parents in the audience
    • 5th graders: go to your homeroom
    • We perform last on the concert