OHC Honor Choir Itinerary

Ohio Heritage Conference- Arts Festival- February 25

10 members of the FHSCC will be traveling with band and art students to Cedarville University on Thursday, February 25 to rehearse and perform with the OHC honor choir.  Students will work with a guest conductor during the day then perform a concert at 7pm that evening.


6:30am  Band/Choir Room is open
6:45  Depart for Cedarville
7:45  Arrive Cedarville, register
8:45  Rehearsals
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Rehearsals
5:00  Dinner
6:30  Warm for concert
7:00  Concert
8:30  Concert is over
*10pm Arrive at FHS
**-times are approximate

-Please be sure that you have your music, a pencil and water with you for the day

-Dress for the concert is our concert black. You may wear normal clothing during the day and then be able to change before the concert.

Dinner is provided at the university dining hall. 

-You must either pack a lunch or bring $7 for the dining hall for the mid-day meal. You may want to pack some snacks to help you get through the day as well.

The concert is open to the public. Parents, family, and friends are welcome!

You are responsible for any missed work for the day. Please arrange with your teachers in advance to make up your assignments.  You are expected to represent Fairbanks well and be on your best behavior.

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