FHSCC2015 · general info

FHSCC: Updates

Fairbanks High School Concert Choir Members and Parents:

Thursday 10/8 5pm

  • I’m inviting any choir student that is able to help tie dye shirts to stay after school/practices to help tie their shirts for the concert.
  • I will provide snacks for students. (Provide your own drinks)
  • Take your shirt home with you.  Shirts will need to be washed individually at home in cold cold water . Mrs. Cooper will take home any shirts that are left over and wash. 

    Tuesday 10/13 (concert day)

    • Extra Credit points to help set up AND tear down. Set up will start at 3pm after school. Please write a note just in case your son/daughter needs to ride with me or Mr.Keller for set up to the pavilion. Tear down will happen when the concert is over.
    • 6pm warm ups at the pavilion (do the best you can at getting your son/daughter there as soon as you can- I know there are practices going on)
    • Students wear jeans and tie dye tshirt
    • We are performing last- so approx around 7:15pm
    • Concert should last approx.60 mins.
    • Bring a lawn chair as there are not many seats available- bring your dinner if you wish and enjoy an evening of great music!

      Field trip permission slips and $5 due by Nov.6. 

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