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5th Grade: Spring Concert Listening

Come and see the cherry blossoms. How their beauty seems to fill the air?

Floating here, and floating there, cherry petals falling everywhere.

Spring has come and days are fair. Won’t you come along with me?

Come and see the cherry bloom. (piano interlude)

Sa-ku-ra, sa-ku-ra! Ya-yo- i no so ra wa, mi-wa-ta-su ka-gi-ri.
Ka-su-mi-ka ku-m-ka; ni-o-i zo i-zu-ru.  I-za-ya, I-za-ya,
Mi-ni-yu-kan______(close to ‘n’)

Classes divide and sing in 2 parts:
Sa-        ku-  ra_________,  sa-    ku-ra!____         Ya-   yo-    i       no  so             ra___  wa,
Come   and  see the cherry  blos- soms_____.        How their beau-ty   seems to  fill the  air!

mi-    wa- ta-     su   ka-   gi-   ri      Ka-   su- mi-  ka   ku-        mo-    ka__;
Float-ing  here, and float-ing there, cher- ry  pet- als   fall-ing ev-‘ry-where

ni-       o-    i       zo      i-        zu-    ru.        I-        za-      ya,____________   I-  za-   ya,____
Spring has come and_ days_ are_  fair.       Won’t you__ come a-long with   me?__________

Mi-     ni-      yu-      ka______nnnnnn.   Come  and__ see the cher-ry bloom_______.
Come and__ see the cher-ry   bloom.      Come and__ see the cher-ry bloom_______.

*Approximate Translation:
Cherry blossoms across the spring sky,
As far as you can see.
Is it a mist, or clouds wafting in the air?
Come now, let’s look and see.

In the Hall of the Mountain King

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