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Mid-Year Concert

Mid-Year Concert
Tuesday, March 11
7pm~ HS Gym


Youth Choir
6th grade band
Junior High Concert Band
HS Choir
HS Band

Youth Choir
Attire: black pants, choir T-shirt (long sleeve shirt underneath if you choose), any kind of shoes
Report time: 6:30pm HS band room 
(boomwhackers will be in the band room for you)

  • Parents may pick students up in the band room after they perform if they have no more ensembles to perform in.
  • Everyone is invited to stay for the whole concert (should last about an hour and 15 mins)
  • 6th grade band: leave the risers after our performance and get your instrument/music from your family member and follow Mr. Keller’s instructions.

FHS Choir
Attire: concert black. If you choose to wear a skirt please be sure that it is of school code length; to have leggings or hose of some sort on. Dress professional and look classy.  Your attired should not be a distraction to your performance.

When the 6th grade band takes the stage- report to the band room for warm-ups.

  • Sit with your family during the beginning of the concert and after you perform.
  • It is asked that all performers stay for the entire concert.  It is only polite and good concert manners to do so.  The concert will last just under over an hour and 15 minutes.  Only students excused in advance may leave before the end of the concert. Please treat other performers as you would like to be treated.  
  • Be courteous during the other performances. There should be no talking during while others are performing.

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