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FYC: Mid Year Concert Listening

Youth Choir
Here is the listening for our 
Mid-Year Concert 
March 11 @ 7pm
Pardon the Expression by Jill Gallina

*Remember to make your voice do what you are singing! (getting louder, staccato, sforzando, etc)
Musical terms are important to learn ____  if you want to sing with expression.
Dynamics are clues that we must learn to use.  Now here is our notation lesson.
(slowly) If it says forte___ then sing it loudly,  loudly and proudly   that’s how it goes.
If it says piano then sing it softly, and even softer for pianissimo.
Then there’s crescendo: it means grow louder, but you must do__ it gradu_ally.
Diminuendo and decrescendo  just mean grow softer and softer you see.
We’re very FONdo  of the sforZANdo, ’cause it means SUDdenly LET out a BURST of sound.
We find it’s MAIN effect will make a NERvous wreck out of Any one STANDing around.
Accelerando means to go faster; faster and faster, till you reach the end.
Unless you see a “ritard.” it isn’t too hard, it just means to slow down, my friend.
You see a lotto ____   of the staccato,___ a little dotto that means keep it short, you see.
Marcato means you must give every note a thrust; and legato means smooth as can be___.
Accelerando__means to go faster; faster and faster till you reach the end___.
Unless you see a “ritard”, it’s not very hard,___ it just means to slow down, my friend. 
Now that you’re in a daze from each musical phrase; accelerando,__add a sforZANdo,____
and now crescendo__ it’s not very hard (spoken) “ritard”.
(voices split alto vs soprano on this part)
All the world____ you’ll impress_____ with your dynamic success_____
there’ll be bravos___ and flowers_____ and praise_______________ ’cause you’ve mas—-tered__
(wait) each__ mu__si__cal__________________________________________________________
     (spoken while being held out) There’s gotta be a fermata!!

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