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FYC: National Anthem

The Fairbanks Youth Choir will be singing 
The National Anthem
at the 
Boys Varsity Basketball game
Wed. February 12

Youth Choir members are to report to the HS band room no later than 6:45pm. 
Please enter through the main/side door, sign in on the FYC list and head to the band room
**I will need a few parents to help supervise**

Please wear:
jeans, FYC tshirt, tennis shoes
(if you don’t have a FYC tshirt please wear a panther shirt that is red, white or grey-no black)

FYI: If students/parents wish to stay for the game- admission tickets must be purchased at the gate.
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FYC: Mid Year Concert Listening

Youth Choir
Here is the listening for our 
Mid-Year Concert 
March 11 @ 7pm
Pardon the Expression by Jill Gallina

*Remember to make your voice do what you are singing! (getting louder, staccato, sforzando, etc)
Musical terms are important to learn ____  if you want to sing with expression.
Dynamics are clues that we must learn to use.  Now here is our notation lesson.
(slowly) If it says forte___ then sing it loudly,  loudly and proudly   that’s how it goes.
If it says piano then sing it softly, and even softer for pianissimo.
Then there’s crescendo: it means grow louder, but you must do__ it gradu_ally.
Diminuendo and decrescendo  just mean grow softer and softer you see.
We’re very FONdo  of the sforZANdo, ’cause it means SUDdenly LET out a BURST of sound.
We find it’s MAIN effect will make a NERvous wreck out of Any one STANDing around.
Accelerando means to go faster; faster and faster, till you reach the end.
Unless you see a “ritard.” it isn’t too hard, it just means to slow down, my friend.
You see a lotto ____   of the staccato,___ a little dotto that means keep it short, you see.
Marcato means you must give every note a thrust; and legato means smooth as can be___.
Accelerando__means to go faster; faster and faster till you reach the end___.
Unless you see a “ritard”, it’s not very hard,___ it just means to slow down, my friend. 
Now that you’re in a daze from each musical phrase; accelerando,__add a sforZANdo,____
and now crescendo__ it’s not very hard (spoken) “ritard”.
(voices split alto vs soprano on this part)
All the world____ you’ll impress_____ with your dynamic success_____
there’ll be bravos___ and flowers_____ and praise_______________ ’cause you’ve mas—-tered__
(wait) each__ mu__si__cal__________________________________________________________
     (spoken while being held out) There’s gotta be a fermata!!