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Cookie Dough Fundraising: MONKEYS

– Bring back your REACH OUT cards on Friday, 9/20 –

  • You get a lanyard!
  • Your first monkey! 
  • “Star” monkey are worth $5 Subway Cards!
– Early Bird, Tuesday 9/24 – 
  • Every two items sold: One additional monkey. 
  • $5 for each “Star” penguin.
4 items – Monkey Splat
8 items – Monkey Hat or Double Bubble Pillow
12 items – FREE tub of cookie dough!
20 items – Nerds/Laffy Taffy headphones
40 items – 40″ Tower Speaker!
Bakers’s Dozen:
Sell at least 12 items and get one free cookie dough of your choice for yourself!
Breakfast Party:
If the FHSCC sells their goal of 80 tubs of cookie dough, Mrs. Cooper will provide breakfast a morning of their choice
Order forms and money are due on Tuesday, October 1! Make checks payable to “Fairbanks Band” or “Fairbanks Choir”