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FES Reach Out

Help the FES Music Program!!

Help your student by providing names of family & friends outside of your area.  They will be sent a ONE-TIME mailer so they can order or renew magazines.  They will NOT be put on a mailing list.  Turn in Reach Out booklets with minimum 7 names by Friday, March 1st to win a Ninja Penguin keychain!

FES gets $.40 of every dollar that is put towards a magazine.  
The money raised will go towards classroom xylophones, metallophones, a piano dolly, sheet music for concerts and other classroom supplies.

  1. Fill out the booklet with at least 7 addresses.
  2. Return to school by March 1st
  3. Pick out a Chillin’ Penguin and lanyard
  4. Winning class gets to pick musical activities on their music day!

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