exam · FHS Choir

HS CHOIR Semester Exam Wed Dec.19

December 2012
·      On the test will be the following types of questions:
            52 multiple choice questions
            15 label notes on staff
8 vocal anatomy
            10 singing exam on our current repertoire
·      You will need to know the following terms & their symbols
1)    Legato
2)    Staccato
3)    Fermata
4)    Treble Clef
5)    Bass Clef
6)    Time Signature
7)    Unison
8)    Crescendo
9)    Fortissimo
10) Piano
11) Diction
12) Tempo
13) Intonation
14) Balance
15) Blend
16) Dynamics
17) Phrasing
18) Tempo markings
·      You will need to know the jingles for the following:
a)     Bass Clef Lines
b)    Bass Clef Spaces
c)     Treble Clef Lines
d)    Treble Clef Spaces
·      You will need to know the solfege/numbers that we use in sight-reading for scales and arpeggios

·      You will need to know the vocal apparatus

·      You will need to know the notes on the staff

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