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Details: HS Holiday Concert

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual
Holiday Concert 2012
Monday, December 17, 2012, 7:00 P.M.

Order of performance:
MS Choir 
6th Grade Band
Junior High Concert Band
High School Choir
High School Concert Band

MS Choir
Middle School Choir will warm in the high school cafeteria at 6:30.  After we perform,  please take your seat with your family.  Choir members who are also in 6th grade band will get their instruments and join the band on stage to warm and perform.  After the HS concert band has concluded their program, you are free to go.

HS Choir:
You need to be seated with your family with your instruments and folder ready to watch the MS Choir at 7PM.  Immediately after the MS choir’s performance, go to the high school cafeteria to warm up.  After the JH band performs, we will file onto the risers and perform.  After we are done, we’ll file out and then you will sit in with your family.  After the HS concert band has concluded their program, you are free to go.

General Information

*If you are on tear-down crew, please be stay and help fold chairs and move equipment.  Bonus points are available.  A set-up crew is also needed at 5:30.  Sign up on Mr. Keller’s office window to receive credit.

*It is asked that all performers stay for the entire concert.  It is only polite and good concert manners.  Only students excused in advance may leave before the end of the concert. Please treat other performers as you would like to be treated.  

*SIT WITH YOUR FAMILY when not performing.  Complaints have been received about large groups of students sitting in the back of the gym making TOO MUCH NOISE while other groups are performing.  You are expected to use your BEST CONCERT MANNERS, students.

*Students are asked to be on their best behavior while not performing.  There is NO reason to talk while another group is performing.  Please only leave the gym between groups unless it is an emergency.

JHCB, MS Choir, & 6th Band – Gentlemen are to wear nice pants, dress shoes, shirt and tie.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  Ladies are to wear a dress, skirt and blouse, or nice pants outfit.  I respectfully ask that skirts cover your knees when seated.  Please look your best 

HS band and choir – Gentlemen need to wear black dress pants, black socks, and black shoes.  Gentlemen are also to be wearing a long-sleeved black collared dress shirt.  Ladies are to dress in concert black as well.  You may wear pants or skirt.  The traditional skirt is floor-length.  A simple gold or silver necklace, or pearls are a perfectly acceptable accessory.  Keep earrings small and non-distracting.  Look classy.

If, per chance, severe weather is imminent, watch your regular TV station, and/or check the band web page (, blog (, or Twitter ( or check your INTANT ALERT.  Students SHOULD know of any cancellations before school is over, but if it gets bad after school, these are your methods of information.

Break a leg!  Be precise, be passionate, have fun, and MAKE MUSIC.

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