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Booster Bake Sale Dec. 17 CONCERT

From Mary Ellen:

Greetings. As the Holiday season is coming closer…we need to prepare for our Holiday Concert on December 17. 

We would like to have a bake sale at the concert to help raise some money. If you are willing to help donate some baked goods for the sale, or know of someone that would like to help and bake some items. Please contact Chrisa Findley at cabfindley@yahoo.com to let her know. 

I suggest any item you bake be individually wrapped and if you could let us know the ingredients, just in case we have some allergy issues. Just copy the recipe and we will place it with the item, just in case someone has questions. 

Thank you again for all your support! See you the 17th!

Mary Ellen Garwood

Just to add a little extra to Miss Mary Ellen’s email, there will be a prize (A really nice one) for the best baking talent. Be sure to put your name in with your goodies. We are selling them as “eat as you go” snacks, tempting taste buds as folks leave the concert. If you could wrap them in cling film so we can see how wonderful they are. The kids are very grateful for your efforts and send hugs to you all. Good luck to all of our wonderful bakers! Oh and Dad’s, we know you can bake too!!!!
Thank you all so very much,

Chrisa (Also known as Emi, Zip and Will’s Mom or Brian’s Wife!)

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