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HS Solo and Ensemble Feb.16

Students participating in FHS Choir and Band are eligible to participate in OMEA solo and ensemble competition.  The event is held on Saturday, February 16 at Westerville North High School and performance times occurr all day from 8am to 5pm.  If you are interested, please consider the following things before telling me you are going to participate:

1.  You must play a piece from the required list for your instrument or voice range.  Voice pieces have piano accompaniment.  Music is graded on difficulty with C being the easier and A being most difficult.  If this is your first time at solo and ensemble contest, I recommend you taking a class “C” solo.  We will shop for appropriate music get your sheet music to you no later than December 10.

2.  Your entry fee of $25 will be paid for by either the music department or the boosters.  If you drop out after this fee has been paid, you are responsible for repaying this amount.

3.  You will have to practice. A lot.  You will be graded by a judge on the I to V scale with a I being superior and V being poor.  You will be judged on fundamentals of playing/singing, musical accuracy, and musical interpretation.  Soloists who receive a “I” rating will earn a medal.

4.  You will need to meet with me once per week for a 15 minute lesson before or after school. You will also need to meet with your accompanist twice before the contest at the convenience of the accompanist to prepare your final performance.  If you take private lessons, you need only meet with us once before your accompanist rehearsals.

5.  If you know someone who plays piano, you are welcome to find your own accompanist.  If you do not, one will be provided for you, but your final rehearsals will need to be scheduled at a time that is convenient for your accompanist.

If you have any questions after reading this, please do not hestitate to ask me.  

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FES Holiday Concert

FES Holiday Concert
Grades: PS, K, 3rd, 4th

December 20, 2012

Students will report to their classroom/homeroom between 6:30-6:45pm. 
Coats are to be left with parents or in the classroom.
*Students are asked to dress nicely. (Preferably no jeans, tennis shoes, sweatshirts, etc)
Boys: dress pants, nice shoes, tie, dress shirt
Girls: dresses, nice shoes, dress pants, blouse
*Santa hats, antlers, etc. are optional and encouraged if you have them!

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Booster Bake Sale Dec. 17 CONCERT

From Mary Ellen:

Greetings. As the Holiday season is coming closer…we need to prepare for our Holiday Concert on December 17. 

We would like to have a bake sale at the concert to help raise some money. If you are willing to help donate some baked goods for the sale, or know of someone that would like to help and bake some items. Please contact Chrisa Findley at cabfindley@yahoo.com to let her know. 

I suggest any item you bake be individually wrapped and if you could let us know the ingredients, just in case we have some allergy issues. Just copy the recipe and we will place it with the item, just in case someone has questions. 

Thank you again for all your support! See you the 17th!

Mary Ellen Garwood

Just to add a little extra to Miss Mary Ellen’s email, there will be a prize (A really nice one) for the best baking talent. Be sure to put your name in with your goodies. We are selling them as “eat as you go” snacks, tempting taste buds as folks leave the concert. If you could wrap them in cling film so we can see how wonderful they are. The kids are very grateful for your efforts and send hugs to you all. Good luck to all of our wonderful bakers! Oh and Dad’s, we know you can bake too!!!!
Thank you all so very much,

Chrisa (Also known as Emi, Zip and Will’s Mom or Brian’s Wife!)